Curricular Activities




Activities Date
Election Student Council18 April ,2016
Class Decoration Week 20 April,2016
Oath Bearing Ceremony 30 April,2016
Drawing Competition05 May,2016
Book Fair07 to 09 May,2016
Calligraphy Competition12 May,2016
Muslim Scientist18 to 22 May,2016
Science Model Competition23 May,2016
Yum-e-Takbeer 28 May,2016
Proctor Day 29 May,2016
Marhaba 08 to 13 June,2016
Eid Millan Party 03 Aug,2016
Educational Trip High22-29 Sep,2016
Be Virtuous week07 to 11Sep,2016
Sunat-e-Ibrahim week 14 to 19Sep,2016
Teacher's Day 05 Oct,2016
Cleanliness week 19 to 24Oct,2016
Educational Trip Middle 22-24 Oct,2016
Annual Sports Gala 26 to 31 Oc6
Parents Day 30 Oct,2016
Paigham Iqbal week 02 to 07Nov,2016
Iqbal Competition 07 Nov,2016
Qirat, Speech Competition 14 Nov,2016
Health Day 21 Dec,2016
Seerat week (PBUH)21 to 26Dec,2017
Spelling Competition12 Jan,2017
Kashmir Day 08 Feb,2017
Future Planning 27 Feb,2017
Farewell Party 26 Feb,2017