School Conduct and Discipline

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Fine for Studnets for Violation of Rules and regulations
Sr#Irregularity1st Time2nd Time3rd TimeAuthority
1Nursery to 8th ( Absence)152020Class Teacher
29th, 10th + Special (Absence)203050Class Teacher
3Monthly Test (Absence)505050Class Teacher
4Term Test (Absence)200200200Section head
5Final Test (Special)200200200Section head
6Annual Exams (Absence)200200200Section head
7Term Result late receiveing50-100 after 1 week , parents will be calledSection head
8School Late coming2020Class Teacher
9Wearing jewelry100100100Class Teacher
10Incomplete Uniform102020Class Teacher
11Coming Without Uniform100100100Class Teacher
12Books/Notebook without covers101010Class Teacher
13Incomplete syllabus Books101010Class Teacher
14Going to canteen without break202020Class Teacher
15Carrying mobile phone200500500Section head
16Not doing vacation work505050 per SubSection head
17Missing permission card505050Section head
18Carrying immoral materialO. Parents will be called and fine will be charged       according to the situation.
O. Return of material + Expulsion from School + Warning and fine.
O. Payment for the damage + Fine
20Damaging School's Property
For Parents awareness the reason and amount of fine will be noted on homework diaries.