Annual Date Sheet Boys & Girls Primary Section 2019

Date Day One Two Three Four Five
1-2-19 Friday Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
2-2-19 Saturday English(O) English(O) English(O) English(O) Arabic
3-2-19 Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
4-2-19 Monday English(W) English(W) English(W) English(W) Science
5-2-19 Tuesday Holiday Holiday Holiday Holiday Holiday
6-2-19 Wednesday Urdu(W) Urdu(W) Urdu(W) Urdu(W) English (W)
7-2-19 Thursday Urdu(O) Urdu(O) Computer Drawing English(O
8-2-19 Friday Holiday Holiday Urdu(O) Urdu(O) Urdu(O)
9-2-19 Saturday I.Studies I.Studies Drawing Arabic Computer
10-2-19 Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
11-2-19 Monday Arabic Arabic Science Science Urdu(W)
12-2-19 Tuesday Holiday Holiday Holiday Holiday Holiday
13-2-19 Wednesday Science I.Studies I.Studies I.Studies
14-2-19 Thursday Holiday Holiday Arabic Computer Drawing

School Timing   8: 30 to 1:30                            School Timing (Fri) 8:30 to 12:00

 Paper Timing   9:00 to 12:00                           Paper Timing (Fri) 8:30 to 11:30


  • Without uniform students will not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall.
  • All students will bring their own stationery (pen , pencil ,eraser , scale etc).
  • No leave will be allowed during Examination. No repaper will be conducted.
  • s 200/- will be charged to the absent student for each paper.
  • Any sort of cheating is strictly prohibited, if any student find with prohibited material will have to face paper cancellation +fine.
  • 40% marks in each subject are necessary to get through.
  • Student fail in any two subjects will be considered full fail but if the student of 5th class fails in Mathematics will be considered full fail and passing  percentage is more then 50.
  • Result Day/PTM will be held on 26th February,2019 (Tuesday)