Director’s Message

 Mission Statement

The Wisdom Way

1. Build a safe & respectful enviroment for our students and teachers.

2.Hire the best teachers, pay them good salaries and pay on time

3. Constantly evolving, keeping up with new technologies / teaching aids

4. Invest in Good staff / buildings and excellent facilities / stay ahead

5. Have a long term plan , dont worry about short term profit

By sticking to our Principles and the Blessings of Allah , we believe we have a wonderful School system.
We have students from all over Pakistan  and Overseas using our Hostel.
You are always welcome to visit and see our facilities.

Muhammad Abdus Shakoor
(Director Wisdom House)

Muhammad Abdus Shakoor is a also President of Al Khidmat ,
Former President of Punjab University Students Union,
Founder of Al Falah Charity,