SLO based Teaching and Assessment at Wisdom House Boys High School Channan


This era of 21st century demands high quality education. For this purpose teachers must be well equipped, well-informed, dignified, effective and patient. These all characteristics do not develop overnight; they require proper guidance and training. Teacher’s training and development is backbone of the whole system of education if provided and executed properly, it can work wonders. Wisdom House has been taking initiatives in this regard and still is striving for best of education so it makes our students successful both in here and hereafter.

For this purpose, an effective, in-depth and comprehensive training session was held on 4th of May, 2019; staff and section heads of Primary and Middle section enthusiastically participated in the session. Respected Professor Dr. Naeem Khalid was the facilitator of this session; Professor has his Ph.D in Physics from Cambridge University (UK) and has vast experience in field of education. He covered following points during his session:

  1. What is National Curriculum and why it is needed to be implemented throughout the country.
  2. How is curriculum developed and divided into equivalent benchmarks and why setting benchmarks is essential.
  3. How one curriculum throughout the nation can bring positive and long-term changes throughout the country.
  4. How our academic phenomenon is producing students who are incompatible with international standards.
  5. What measures should be and must be taken to improve our education system.

He also shared his life story that was very motivational and touching. This session enabled teachers to reflect on their teaching methodologies and terminologies and also let them know what to change and how to change. Staff is grateful to Wisdom House for letting them meet such a gem of a person.

                                                                                                Syeda Bushra Qurban

                                                                                                (Section Head Primary Boys)