We offer the following courses

Intermediate FA , FSC , ICom regulated by Gujranwala Education Board

Intermediate Pre Engineering , Pre Medical regulated by Gujranwala Education Board

Graduate BA, BSC, BCom affiliated with Punjab University

Graduate BS CS (Computer Science) affiliated with Punjab University

Post Graduate MA English affiliated with Punjab University

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Why would you study science? The answer to  that is quite simple. you would study science if you’re creative, ambitious and most of all a seeker. Science not only offers you whole new dimensions of thinking but takes you to a much deeper level of intellect and imagination. There is no limit to the choice of careers you can have after studying science. As well as being enjoyable, studying science will give you many skills that will be useful in a wide range of areers. You will develop problem solving, team working, numeracy and creativity skills. Lucky for you we offer an entirely scientific environment where you can study to become a doctor, engineer, scientist, a programmer and follow your hearts desire.
Subjects currently on offer in our sciences department are

  •  Biology (Zoology and Mathematics Botany at degree level)
  •  Statistics
  • Computer Science
  •  Chemistry
  • Physics
    To help you attain your hearts desire we have a group
    of diligent and energetic teachers. All of our current
    faculty members have M. Phil and master degrees.
    With their experience and dedication, learning science
    here will prove to be very enjoyable experience for

Science laboratories

And of course since science is entirely about observation and experimentation. We provide our young scientists with extensively filled laboratories giving them a chance to test and experiment with ideas and evidences gathered from the natural world. WDC labs have acclaimed praise from board examiners and dignitaries. Students of nearby
colleges also use our labs for practice before exams.

Humanities with the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge at its heart is one of the most powerful current of hange and growth in the modern world.The analytical and critical skills, multi cultural sensitivity and international outlook you develop through these subjects will help you pursue careers in research, psychology, the civil service, journalism, national and international NGOs, the law, teaching and public relations.

So if you want to study

  • economics
  • Islamic studies
  • education
  •  Arabic
  • psychology
  • History of Islam
  • Fine Arts

WDC is the college for you. Teaching here is provided through lectures and seminars. You will be taught by our experienced and knowledgeable teachers.Some subjects also require practical laboratory classes and fieldwork. WDC houses a psychology lab that will provide you the opportunity to apply experimental methods to the study of behavior and the processes that underlie it.

Fine Arts

A friendly, relaxed and learning environment to flourish your creativity at your doorstep. Studying fine Arts at WDC provides all that and more. One of the aims of the department is to familiarize students with all the stages and preparation that preface the creating of a work of art. Apart from the techniques students are required to master, it is also useful and necessary for them to learn the basics of the materials required in their respective disciplines. There is tradition of respecting individuality, of encouraging experimentation and of critical self-analysis. WDC houses a fine arts studio providing all what you need to foster a wide and deep understanding of fine arts and help you develop range of skills. The teaching includes the theoretical study of how the subject flourished from historic eras to the modern world.


While pursuing a course in this field, one acquires knowledge related to corporate finance, stock markets and the inner financial functioning of various for-profit and non-profit  institutions and the economy, on the whole. The concept of trade and commerce consists of a wide range of interdisciplinary branches such as Accountancy, Business Administration, ECommerce, Economics and Taxation laws etc.
Teaching is provided through lectures, and seminars. Once a year a study trip is arranged to a nearby factory to help student understand the concepts of production and supply. We have a superb, well stocked library and dedicated computer lab for the commerce students to have an easy access to all what they need to help them flourish in this field. The small and friendly department has a very good student/teacher ratio. The faculty consists of qualified professionals making WDC the perfect place to study commerce.