“Didn’t Orson Welles just say “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for
lunch”. Yes we’re talking about a very important topic of food and wisdom cafeteria has all your
The college canteen located at the north east corner of the college premises, makes all
your mealy dreams come true . Snacks, fast food items, drinks and fresh juices all available under
hygienic conditions at affordable prices. Quality and prices of the food are strictly monitored
and regularized by college management. So munch away!

Wisdom House has a well established transport system consisting of a fleet
45 buses. It provides students and faculty members pick and drop facility from
their doorsteps. More than 75 locations are covered under this network, making it
the biggest transport network of rural Punjab.

Looking after our  students


Students are our first and foremost interest. We put all our energies in guiding them,
teaching them and keeping them safe. The administration has made excellent arrangements for
their safety, which includes a group of highly trained security guards, safe and secure entry and
exit points. Moreover whole of the college is surrounded by a secure boundary

Electric Generator

Owing to the ongoing energy crisis in Pakistan, there are frequent power breakdowns,
sometimes for many hours. Heavy duty standby electric generators are available around the
clock to provide uninterrupted power supply to eliminate disturbance during lectures,
examinations and other events.

Medical aid

There is a first-aid room in the college which is equipped adequately to treat minor injuries
and ailments. Trained faculty members look after the facility. All science laboratories are also
equipped with first aid kits for use during emergency. Besides in-house first aid services, college
is lucky enough to have basic health unit hospital right across the main gate where a competent
MBBS doctor is available 24/7.