Physics Lab
The campus houses well equipped physics_mg_7920
laboratory that cater for the needs of experiments
from Intermediate to degree classes. Apparatus
are available for mechanics, optics, acoustics and
electromagnetic in supportive working condition.
Different charts and circuits are also available for
demonstration. Laboratories have an optimum
size where almost 60 students can perform their

Biology Lab

All apparatus required for_mg_7928

dissection, studying anatomy, physiology
and histological studies of different parts
and systems of human body are available.
Fifty students can simultaneously
perform experiments at Biology lab. The
facility is well stocked and organized for
display, use and demonstration.

Chemistry Lab
All apparatus related to titrations, salt_mg_7920
analysis, preparation of gases and different
samples is available in Chemistry lab. Almost

sixty students can perform their experiments
in a supervised fashion. It is ensured that
chemical supplies are available as and when


Computer labs

WDC has two excellent computing
facilities that enables all the students to have_mg_7931
opportunity to use computer systems with
internet access. Students use computers to

support a wide range of activities associated
with their studies, preparation of course
assignments, searches for information on the
internet and making of presentations

Botanical Garden

In order to facilitate our
students of botany. WDC has
managed a botanical garden within
the college premises. Thus giving the
students a chance to observe and
experiment with unique and rare
species in their natural habitat.