Silver Jubilee in March 2019


Wisdom House is celebrating it`s 25 year Silver Jubilee in March . I would like to take this opportunity to give a short history of our Founders.

Mian Abdus Shakoor who was based in USA  and Mian Abdul Khaliq ( Late) from UK met a few times abroad in early 1990s. They  both wanted to contribute something to their local community back in Pakistan. They felt there was a lack of educational opportunities for females in our rural area.  From those initial thoughts , they embarked on a plan to set up an educational institution in Channan.

From just a few rooms in one block ,they started this venture in 1994. There was a great feedback from the local community and slowly the number of students / teachers began to grow.

Both Founders decided from the start that this school would not be motivated by profit but they wanted to re invest and make a truly outstanding institution which would deliver academic results.

There has been no compromise on these ideals over the last 25 years  and thanks to Allah almighty, we continue to develop our facilities and services so that our students receive the best education possible.

I am proud to be associated with this proud tradition and inshallah will continue the works of our founding fathers.

Mian Takhleeq
Deputy Director
Wisdom House


Silver Jubilee Celebrations  (9th, 10th and 11th March 2019)

Day 1 (Saturday, 9th March)

(Highlights: Staff and students of all Wisdom House Branches)

Guests:Staff and students of all branches of Wisdom House.

Guests of Honor: Writer like Akhtar Abbas, Poet like Ahmed Hatib Siddiqui.


  1. Pre School (Nursery,Prep): Musical Chair, Bouncing Castle, Face Painting, Balloon Flying, Cartoons etc.
  2. Grade 1 to 3: Drawing work shop, Races, Poems recitation with …………………, Balloon flying etc.
  3. Grade 4 to 8: Story writing work shop with Akhtar Abbas, Poems recitation of Ahmed Hatib Siddique, quiz show etc.
  • Model Exhibition
  • Directors address with staff from all branches
  • Acknowledgement of Dignitaries


Day 2(Sunday, 10th March)

(Highlights: Alumni Function and Mushaira)

Guests: Alumni of Wisdom House (Staff and Students)

Guests of Honor: Prof. Anwar Masood, Sarfraz Shahid, Prof Ammad Islam Amjad.

Special Guest: Dr Abdullah Malik (Member Oil, OGRA AUTHORITY)


  • Alumni Programs
  • Motivational speech by the Director
  • Mushaira
  • Acknowledgement of Dignitaries
  • Model Exhibition


Day 3(Monday, 11th March)

(Highlights: Parents Programs and chief guests)

Guests: Parents, Dignitaries

Guests of Honor: Prof. Anwar Masood, Education Minister or Governor


  • Hun Ki karye(Anwar Masood Program with parents and dignitaries of the area)
  • College block inauguration
  • Acknowledgement of Dignitaries
  • Model Exhibition