Wisdom House School System, Channan Girls Campus

Wisdom House School System is determined that access to quality education is the right of every child beyond the gender differences. Consequently, providing quality and affordable education to the female youth of Pakistan at their door steps by establishing this magnificent Girls campus in Channan. As this area was in dire need of a secure and trustworthy school and college for the girls brought-up.

• Wisdom House School Girls branch constitutes of Junior, middle and senior Girls sections, where girls from Play-group to Matric and then to onwards can study without any hindrance.
• Wisdom House School for girls is the best available choice in this area particularly having in mind the facilities available for them.
• We have generated a nurturing environment for girls particularly where female students from various backgrounds feel valued, respected and empowered to embrace their uniqueness.
• Here girls can acquire education till their graduation. After passing matriculation examinations, girls can easily get enrolled in the Wisdom House College for Women. • The environment and security is highly restricted to ensure the honor of female students through following all the Islamic values.
• Cafeterias for the students in each girl’s section is available; where complete hygienic and healthy refreshments are provided to the students.
• Transport facility is available for all the female students and staff in school and college.
• Fully equipped laboratories for all science subjects and Computer labs with latest laptops are available along with an extensive library; where all latest books, daily newspaper and reading materials is accessible for the students.
• Financial comfortability for all the students is our priority therefore different scholarships and fees waived off policies are existing for girls also.
• Female Students at Wisdom House are promised not only effective learning in all academic subjects but also personality grooming based on social ethics and true Islamic values. As scarf is compulsory for every girl.

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Contact us: 0537453210
Email Address: admissions@wisdomhouse.edu.pk

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