Of-Shoot Branches of Wisdom House School

Wisdom House School System has expanded its educational influence by establishing sub-branches to accomplish the educational needs of the local residents and for fulfilling its commitment of Education for All, without any financial constraints. This commitment to its vision signifies a fresh beginning, signaling an evolution in traditional education in this area particularly. These all sub branch typically maintains the core values, curriculum standards, and educational philosophy set by the main campus. Policy of no compromise in educational standards has become a distinguished recognition in the area for Wisdom House School System. Our dedicated faculty and staff in all campuses serve as a mentors, guiding and inspiring students to achieve their full potential.

Mirza Tahir Campus

Mirza Tahir campus was established as a Primary school.
• Mirza Tahir campus has classes from nursery to class five(5th).
• Fees waive-off policy is available for the orphans and deserving students without any gender distinction.
• Both girls and boy’s sections are maintained separately.
• Transport facility is available for boys, girls and teaching staff simultaneously.
• Library is available for the students to read the story books, and etc.
• Cafeterias for the students in each section are available.
• Clean drinking water and playing areas are designed for the students.
• Security surveillance through cameras are ensured in each section.
• The school faculty of Mirza Tahir campus comprises dedicated educators who are passionate about instilling critical thinking, creativity, and an affection for learning in their students.

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